Evelyn Gray Scott Award

Evlyn Gray Scott’s career as a hospital pharmacist began at a time when there were few pharmacists practicing in hospitals and even fewer women practicing pharmacy at all.  Scott was a pioneer in the field of hospital pharmacy serving as an advocate and role model and instituting many innovations.  She began her tenure as Director of Pharmacy Services at St. Luke Hospital in 1934.  Devoted to her profession, she was instrumental in organizing hospital pharmacists to form professional societies.  She was a charter member of the Cleveland Society of Health System Pharmacists, the Ohio Society of Health System Pharmacists and the American Society of Health System Pharmacists.  Scott established a Pharmacy Internship Program at St. Luke, one of the first in the country.  She was among those who successfully lobbied the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy to accept such internships for the Pharmacy Registration Practice Requirement.  In the mid-1950s she practiced “flex-time” so that women pharmacists could stay proficient while maintaining family responsibilities.  She also pioneered the use of “pharmacy helpers” (now called technicians).  She was the first woman awarded the prestigious Harvey A.K. Whitney Award for Excellence in the Practice of Pharmacy in 1954 by the ASHP.  In 1990, the Ohio Society awarded her the Walter M. Frazier Award.

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